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Brief Plot SUmmary

A comedy series that follows Former Senator Selina Meyer and her staff as they try to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy, without getting tripped up in the day-to-day political games that define Washington. Stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Timothy Simons, Reid Scott, and Sufe Bradshaw.

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Apr/22/2013

Casts: Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Tony Hale; Reid Scott; Timothy Simons; Matt Walsh; Anna Chlumsky; Sufe Bradshaw; Kevin Dunn; Gary Cole; Phil Reeves; Sam Richardson; Andy Buckley; Kate Burton


Veep Episode List

Season 1

Veep 1×01: Fundraiser
Veep 1×02: Frozen Yoghurt
Veep 1×03: Catherine
Veep 1×04: Chung
Veep 1×05: Nicknames
Veep 1×06: Baseball
Veep 1×07: Full Disclosure
Veep 1×08: Tears

Season 2

Veep 2×01: Midterms
Veep 2×02: Signals
Veep 2×03: Hostages
Veep 2×04: The Vic Allen Dinner
Veep 2×05: Helsinki
Veep 2×06: Andrew
Veep 2×07: Shutdown
Veep 2×08: First Response
Veep 2×09: Running
Veep 2×10: D.C.

Season 3

Veep 3×01: Some New Beginnings
Veep 3×02: The Choice
Veep 3×03: Alicia
Veep 3×04: Clovis
Veep 3×05: Fishing
Veep 3×06: Detroit
Veep 3×07: Special Relationship
Veep 3×08: Debate
Veep 3×09: Crate
Veep 3×10: New Hampshire

Season 4

Veep 4×01: Joint Session
Veep 4×02: East Wing
Veep 4×03: Data
Veep 4×04: Tehran
Veep 4×05: Convention
Veep 4×06: Storms and Pancakes
Veep 4×07: Mommy Meyer
Veep 4×08: B/ill
Veep 4×09: Testimony
Veep 4×10: Election Night

Season 5

Veep 5×01: Morning After
Veep 5×02: Nev-ah-da
Veep 5×03: The Eagle
Veep 5×04: Mother
Veep 5×05: Thanksgiving
Veep 5×06: C**tgate
Veep 5×07: Congressional Ball
Veep 5×08: Camp David
Veep 5×09: Kissing Your Sister
Veep 5×10: Inauguration

Season 6

Veep 6×01: Omaha
Veep 6×02: Library
Veep 6×03: Georgia
Veep 6×04: Justice
Veep 6×05: Chicklet
Veep 6×06: Qatar
Veep 6×07: Blurb
Veep 6×08: Judge
Veep 6×09: A Woman First
Veep 6×10: Groundbreaking

Season 7

Veep 7×01: Iowa
Veep 7×02: Discovery Weekend
Veep 7×03: Pledge
Veep 7×04: South Carolina
Veep 7×05: Super Tuesday
Veep 7×06: Oslo
Veep 7×07: Veep

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