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Brief Plot SUmmary

A crime drama series that centers with the investigation of murder of a local teenager Rosie Larsen. Stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell, Joel Kinnaman, Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton, Kristin Lehman, Eric Ladin, Brendan Sexton III, Jamie Anne Allman and Annie Corley .

Genre: Drama, Thriller

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Start Date: Apr/3/2011

Casts: Joel Kinnaman; Mireille Enos; Liam James; Billy Campbell; Michelle Forbes; Brent Sexton; Kristin Lehman; Eric Ladin; Brendan Sexton III; Annie Corley; Jamie Anne Allman; Gregg Henry; Tyler Ross; Sterling Beaumon; Levi Meaden; Joan Allen; Amy Seimetz; Max Fowler; Peter Sarsgaard; Elias Koteas; Hugh Dillon; Bex Taylor-Klaus; Julia Sarah Stone


The Killing Episode List

Season 1

The Killing 1×01: Pilot
The Killing 1×02: The Cage
The Killing 1×03: El Diablo
The Killing 1×04: A Soundless Echo
The Killing 1×05: Super 8
The Killing 1×06: What You Have Left
The Killing 1×07: Vengeance
The Killing 1×08: Stonewalled
The Killing 1×09: Undertow
The Killing 1×10: I’ll Let You Know When I Get There
The Killing 1×11: Missing
The Killing 1×12: Beau Soleil
The Killing 1×13: Orpheus Descending

Season 2

The Killing 2×01: Reflections
The Killing 2×02: My Lucky Day
The Killing 2×03: Numb
The Killing 2×04: Ogi Jun
The Killing 2×05: Ghosts of the Past
The Killing 2×06: Openings
The Killing 2×07: Keylala
The Killing 2×08: Off The Reservation
The Killing 2×09: Sayonara Hiawatha
The Killing 2×10: 72 Hours
The Killing 2×11: Bulldog
The Killing 2×12: Donnie or Marie
The Killing 2×13: What I Know

Season 3

The Killing 3×01: The Jungle
The Killing 3×02: That You Fear the Most
The Killing 3×03: Seventeen
The Killing 3×04: Head Shots
The Killing 3×05: Scared and Running
The Killing 3×06: Eminent Domain
The Killing 3×07: Hope Kills
The Killing 3×08: Try
The Killing 3×09: Reckoning
The Killing 3×10: Six Minutes
The Killing 3×11: From Up Here
The Killing 3×12: The Road to Hamelin

Season 4

The Killing 4×01: Blood in the Water
The Killing 4×02: Unraveling
The Killing 4×03: The Good Soldier
The Killing 4×04: Dream Baby Dream
The Killing 4×05: Truth Asunder
The Killing 4×06: Eden

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