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Brief Plot SUmmary

A supernatural teen drama series that revolves around Scott McCall, a social outcast high school student whose life changed and never been the same when he was bitten by a werewolf. He acquire strength and changes him to a creature of night, a werewolf. He must cope with how this affects his life and the lives of the people close to him. Stars Tyler Posey as Scott, Crystal Reed as Allison, Dylan O'Brien as Stiles, Tyler Hoechlin as Derek, Holland Roden as Lydia, Colton Haynes as Jackson, Shelley Hennig as Malia, Arden Cho as Kira, and Dylan Sprayberry as Liam. The series was loosely based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film of the same name and developed by Jeff Davis for television. Airs every Monday on MTV.

Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Horror

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Start Date: Jun/05/2011

Casts: Tyler Posey; Dylan O'Brien; Holland Roden; Tyler Hoechlin; Crystal Reed; Arden Cho; Colton Haynes; Shelley Hennig; Dylan Sprayberry


Teen Wolf Episode List

Season 1

Teen Wolf 1×01: Wolf Moon
Teen Wolf 1×02: Second Chance at First Line
Teen Wolf 1×03: Pack Mentality
Teen Wolf 1×04: Magic Bullet
Teen Wolf 1×05: The Tell
Teen Wolf 1×06: Heart Monitor
Teen Wolf 1×07: Night School
Teen Wolf 1×08: Lunatic
Teen Wolf 1×09: Wolf’s Bane
Teen Wolf 1×10: Co-Captain
Teen Wolf 1×11: Formality
Teen Wolf 1×12: Code Breaker

Season 2

Teen Wolf 2×01: Omega
Teen Wolf 2×02: Shape Shifted
Teen Wolf 2×03: Ice Pick
Teen Wolf 2×04: Abomination
Teen Wolf 2×05: Venomous
Teen Wolf 2×06: Frenemy
Teen Wolf 2×07: Restraint
Teen Wolf 2×08: Raving
Teen Wolf 2×09: Party Guessed
Teen Wolf 2×10: Fury
Teen Wolf 2×11: Battlefield
Teen Wolf 2×12: Master Plan

Season 3

Teen Wolf 3×01: Tattoo
Teen Wolf 3×02: Chaos Rising
Teen Wolf 3×03: Fireflies
Teen Wolf 3×04: Unleashed
Teen Wolf 3×05: Frayed
Teen Wolf 3×06: Motel California
Teen Wolf 3×07: Currents
Teen Wolf 3×08: Visionary
Teen Wolf 3×09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Teen Wolf 3×10: The Overlooked
Teen Wolf 3×11: Alpha Pact
Teen Wolf 3×12: Lunar Ellipse
Teen Wolf 3×13: Anchors
Teen Wolf 3×14: More Bad than Good
Teen Wolf 3×15: Galvanize
Teen Wolf 3×16: Illuminated
Teen Wolf 3×17: Silverfinger
Teen Wolf 3×18: Riddled
Teen Wolf 3×19: Letharia Vulpina
Teen Wolf 3×20: Echo House
Teen Wolf 3×21: The Fox and the Wolf
Teen Wolf 3×22: De-Void
Teen Wolf 3×23: Insatiable
Teen Wolf 3×24: The Divine Move

Season 4

Teen Wolf 4×01: The Dark Moon
Teen Wolf 4×02: 117
Teen Wolf 4×03: Muted
Teen Wolf 4×04: The Benefactor
Teen Wolf 4×05: I.E.D.
Teen Wolf 4×06: Orphaned
Teen Wolf 4×07: Weaponized
Teen Wolf 4×08: Time of Death
Teen Wolf 4×09: Perishable
Teen Wolf 4×10: Monstrous
Teen Wolf 4×11: A Promise to the Dead
Teen Wolf 4×12: Smoke and Mirrors

Season 5

Teen Wolf 5×01: Creatures of the Night
Teen Wolf 5×02: Parasomnia
Teen Wolf 5×03: Dreamcatchers
Teen Wolf 5×04: Condition Terminal
Teen Wolf 5×05: A Novel Approach
Teen Wolf 5×06: Required Reading
Teen Wolf 5×07: Strange Frequencies
Teen Wolf 5×08: Ouroboros
Teen Wolf 5×09: Lies of Omission
Teen Wolf 5×10: Status Asthmaticus
Teen Wolf 5×11: The Last Chimera
Teen Wolf 5×12: Damnatio Memoriae
Teen Wolf 5×13: Codominance
Teen Wolf 5×14: The Sword and the Spirit
Teen Wolf 5×15: Amplification
Teen Wolf 5×16: Lie Ability
Teen Wolf 5×17: A Credible Threat
Teen Wolf 5×18: The Maid of GĂ©vaudan
Teen Wolf 5×19: The Beast of Beacon Hills
Teen Wolf 5×20: Apotheosis

Season 6

Teen Wolf 6×01: Memory Lost
Teen Wolf 6×02: Superposition
Teen Wolf 6×03: Sundowning
Teen Wolf 6×04: Relics
Teen Wolf 6×05: Radio Silence
Teen Wolf 6×06: Ghosted
Teen Wolf 6×07: Heartless
Teen Wolf 6×08: Blitzkrieg
Teen Wolf 6×09: Memory Found
Teen Wolf 6×10: Riders on the Storm
Teen Wolf 6×11: Said the Spider to the Fly
Teen Wolf 6×12: Raw Talent
Teen Wolf 6×13: After Images
Teen Wolf 6×14: Face-to-Faceless
Teen Wolf 6×15: Pressure Test
Teen Wolf 6×16: Triggers
Teen Wolf 6×17: Werewolves of London
Teen Wolf 6×18: Genotype
Teen Wolf 6×19: Broken Glass
Teen Wolf 6×20: The Wolves of War

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