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Digimon Fusion is the all-new animated series and sixth installment of the Digimon franchise. The action packed series follows Mikey, a human boy, who is transported into the digital world and must team up with his new “Digimon” or “Digital Monster” friends to defeat evil once and for all. New fusion powers allow Digimon to combine and fuse, creating endless battle possibilities. A property of Saban Brands, Digimon Fusion airs Sundays at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT) on Nicktoons and will launch on Vortexx on The CW in early 2014.

Genre: Children Cartoons, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Start Date: Jul/06/2010



Digimon Fusion Episode List

Season 1

Digimon Fusion 1×01: Mikey Goes to Another World!
Digimon Fusion 1×02: He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar!
Digimon Fusion 1×03: A Rival Appears
Digimon Fusion 1×04: Island Zone in Chaos!
Digimon Fusion 1×05: Thanks for the Digicards!
Digimon Fusion 1×06: Crisis or Conquest
Digimon Fusion 1×07: Danger Erupts!
Digimon Fusion 1×08: Meltdown in the Magma Zone!
Digimon Fusion 1×09: Dorulumon’s True Colors!
Digimon Fusion 1×10: The Rival Champions!
Digimon Fusion 1×11: Ice to See You, Angie!
Digimon Fusion 1×12: Treasure, Traps and Trouble – Oh My!
Digimon Fusion 1×13: Mikey, Warrior of the Light!
Digimon Fusion 1×14: Showdown in the Sand Zone
Digimon Fusion 1×15: Trouble in Paradise
Digimon Fusion 1×16: A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone
Digimon Fusion 1×17: Clash in the Clouds
Digimon Fusion 1×18: Welcome to the Jungle Zone!
Digimon Fusion 1×19: Rumble in the Jungle Zone!
Digimon Fusion 1×20: Train of Terror!
Digimon Fusion 1×21: Disaster in the Dust Zone!
Digimon Fusion 1×22: Lost in Digital Space
Digimon Fusion 1×23: Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown
Digimon Fusion 1×24: Monitamission Impossible!
Digimon Fusion 1×25: Showdown in Shaky Town – A Zone Collapses!
Digimon Fusion 1×26: Shoutmon – Bogus King Or The Real Thing?
Digimon Fusion 1×27: Sweet Zone Bake-off!
Digimon Fusion 1×28: Battle in the Digital Depths
Digimon Fusion 1×29: Fall of the Final Code Crown
Digimon Fusion 1×30: When Worlds Collide

Season 2

Digimon Fusion 2×01: Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland!
Digimon Fusion 2×02: Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters’ Rescue Mission!
Digimon Fusion 2×03: Vampire Land and the Moonlight General
Digimon Fusion 2×04: Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX
Digimon Fusion 2×05: The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honey Land
Digimon Fusion 2×06: Sweet Revenge! The Horrors of Honey Land!
Digimon Fusion 2×07: Ewan and The Land of Illusion
Digimon Fusion 2×08: Psych-Out in Cyber Land!
Digimon Fusion 2×09: The Water Tiger General’s Slippery Trap!
Digimon Fusion 2×10: Gold Land And The Irate Pirate!
Digimon Fusion 2×11: Ballistamon’s Bad-News: Blast From the Past!
Digimon Fusion 2×12: Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!
Digimon Fusion 2×13: Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship
Digimon Fusion 2×14: Regeneration Frustration!
Digimon Fusion 2×15: Dark Side Of The Sun
Digimon Fusion 2×16: The Final Kingdom, the Shining Sun of Bright Land!
Digimon Fusion 2×17: Dead or Alive, the Hellish General’s Decisive Battle!
Digimon Fusion 2×18: Taiki vs. Yuu! Showdown of the Boy Generals!!”
Digimon Fusion 2×19: Beelzebumon, Fade into Light!
Digimon Fusion 2×20: Taiki’s Decision! Surpass the Strongest Apollomon!
Digimon Fusion 2×21: Season 2, Episode 21
Digimon Fusion 2×22: Resurrect! The Appearance of all Seven Death Generals!
Digimon Fusion 2×23: For the Future of the Digital World! The Friendship with the Death Generals!
Digimon Fusion 2×24: Bagra Brothers! The Bond of Evil
Digimon Fusion 2×25: It Approaches! The Human World’s Doomsday, D5
Digimon Fusion 2×26: Grab the DigiXros of Glory! Our Future!

Season 3

Digimon Fusion 3×01: We, the Digimon Hunters!
Digimon Fusion 3×02: The Students Disappear! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon
Digimon Fusion 3×03: The Robot Club’s Dream, Pinocchimon’s Enticement
Digimon Fusion 3×04: The Targeted Honor Students! Blossomon’s Smile
Digimon Fusion 3×05: Cuteness Causion! Cute Hunter, Airu’s Trap!
Digimon Fusion 3×06: Digimon Kendo Match! Approaching the Blade of Kotemon!
Digimon Fusion 3×07: The Okonomiyaki Panic! The Town Full of Pagumon
Digimon Fusion 3×08: Business is Booming For The Digimon Hunt The Shopping District’s Master Hunter!!
Digimon Fusion 3×09: Taiki Is Targeted! The Super Celebrity Star’s Brave Shout!
Digimon Fusion 3×10: Going to Hong Kong! Protect the Super Beauty Idol!!
Digimon Fusion 3×11: Tagiru Turns Soft?! Gumdramon’s Big Crisis!!
Digimon Fusion 3×12: Delicious or Nasty? The Digimon Ramen Contest!
Digimon Fusion 3×13: The World Trip for Children only! The Digimon Train of Dreams
Digimon Fusion 3×14: Gather Hunters! Digimon Competition in the Southern Island!
Digimon Fusion 3×15: Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil’s Promise
Digimon Fusion 3×16: Hear Tracing Fear Experience! The Spirit Hunter Bellows!!
Digimon Fusion 3×17: Resemblance or None at All? The Disguised Phantom Thief Betsumon
Digimon Fusion 3×18: UFO & Dinosaur Great Gathering! Ekakimon of Dreams
Digimon Fusion 3×19: The Great Undersea Adventure! Find the Digimon Treasure of Dreams!
Digimon Fusion 3×20: Rare Card Vanished! The Invincible RookChessmon
Digimon Fusion 3×21: The Amusement Park of Dreams, Digimon Land!
Digimon Fusion 3×22: Grand Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Play-Offs of the Digimon All Stars!!
Digimon Fusion 3×23: Now Burn Up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!

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