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Brief Plot SUmmary

Dice chronicles the semi-true stories of Andrew Dice Clay, whose unique brand of humor often gets him in trouble. Once on top, the comedian now must work to resurrect his career, pay his gambling debts, manage his sons' rock band, fend off old fans and keep his family afloat.

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Apr/10/2016



Dice Episode List

Season 1

Dice 1×01: S.O.S. from Planet Saffaron
Dice 1×02: The Pirate Planet
Dice 1×03: Race Through the Plasma Blizzard
Dice 1×04: Countdown to Impact
Dice 1×05: The Monster of Lupis Sea
Dice 1×06: Operation Grand Prix
Dice 1×07: Vanishing Planet
Dice 1×08: Five Seconds to Interplanetary War
Dice 1×09: The Body of Elders Conspiracy
Dice 1×10: The Phantom Knight’s Secret!
Dice 1×11: D.I.C.E. vs. D.I.C.E.!
Dice 1×12: Forgotten Labyrinth
Dice 1×13: Puffy’s Quest
Dice 1×14: The Mega-Gravity Planet
Dice 1×15: Jet Defeated
Dice 1×16: Jet Returns!
Dice 1×17: The Mutant Laboratory
Dice 1×18: Terror Under the Sea
Dice 1×19: Miss Lily’s Memories
Dice 1×20: Fugitive Android
Dice 1×21: Trusting the Enemy
Dice 1×22: Runaway Train
Dice 1×23: The Point of No Return
Dice 1×24: Uncovering Heron’s Secret
Dice 1×25: Jet Escapes!
Dice 1×26: The Secret of Sitan

Season 2

Dice 2×01: The Amazing Heron Knights!
Dice 2×02: Take Off! Dragon Fortress!
Dice 2×03: The Legend of the Sword
Dice 2×04: Battle on Planet Lakia
Dice 2×05: The Kingdom of B-DICE
Dice 2×06: Jet Transforms, Part 1
Dice 2×07: Jet Transforms, Part 2
Dice 2×08: After the Malusword
Dice 2×09: Planet of Fossils
Dice 2×10: Brother vs. Brother
Dice 2×11: A Village Named DICE
Dice 2×12: Dinobreakers in Danger!
Dice 2×13: The Truth
Dice 2×14: The Future of DICE

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