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Brief Plot SUmmary

A drama series that follows the lives of four ambitious maids who work for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills. It is based on the Mexican series Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar. Introduces four characters namely, Rosie, a widow and a maid for actors Peri and Spence Westmore and Carmen , a singer with hopes to reach the stars with the help of her boss, Alejandro. Odessa who does everything to make sure it doesn't happen. Zoila the maid supervisor for Genevieve Delatour and works with her daughter, Valentina. Stars Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sánchez, Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem, Rebecca Wisocky, Tom Irwin, Brianna Brown, Brett Cullen, Mariana Klaveno, Grant Show, Drew Van Acker, Wolé Parks and Susan Lucci.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Jun/23/2013

Casts: Dania Ramirez; Roselyn Sánchez; Judy Reyes; Susan Lucci; Rebecca Wisocky; Tom Irwin; Grant Show; Mariana Klaveno; Brianna Brown; Brett Cullen; Edy Ganem; Drew Van Acker; Mark Deklin; Joanna P. Adler; Dominic Adams; Wole Parks; Melinda Page Hamilton; Colin Woodell; Cristián de la Fuente; Nathan Owens; Ana Ortiz; Gilles G. Marini


Devious Maids Episode List

Season 1

Devious Maids 1×01: Pilot
Devious Maids 1×02: Setting the Table
Devious Maids 1×03: Wiping Away the Past
Devious Maids 1×04: Making Your Bed
Devious Maids 1×05: Taking Out the Trash
Devious Maids 1×06: Walking the Dog
Devious Maids 1×07: Taking a Message
Devious Maids 1×08: Minding the Baby
Devious Maids 1×09: Scrambling the Eggs
Devious Maids 1×10: Hanging the Drapes
Devious Maids 1×11: Cleaning Out the Closet
Devious Maids 1×12: Getting Out the Blood
Devious Maids 1×13: Totally Clean

Season 2

Devious Maids 2×01: An Ideal Husband
Devious Maids 2×02: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Devious Maids 2×03: Dangerous Liaisons
Devious Maids 2×04: Crimes of the Heart
Devious Maids 2×05: The Bad Seed
Devious Maids 2×06: Private Lives
Devious Maids 2×07: Betrayal
Devious Maids 2×08: Night, Mother
Devious Maids 2×09: The Visit
Devious Maids 2×10: Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Devious Maids 2×11: You Can’t Take It With You
Devious Maids 2×12: Proof
Devious Maids 2×13: Look Back in Anger

Season 3

Devious Maids 3×01: Awakenings
Devious Maids 3×02: From Here to Eternity
Devious Maids 3×03: The Awful Truth
Devious Maids 3×04: Since You Went Away
Devious Maids 3×05: The Talk of the Town
Devious Maids 3×06: She Done Him Wrong
Devious Maids 3×07: The Turning Point
Devious Maids 3×08: Cries and Whispers
Devious Maids 3×09: Bad Girl
Devious Maids 3×10: Whiplash
Devious Maids 3×11: Terms of Endearment
Devious Maids 3×12: Suspicion
Devious Maids 3×13: Anatomy of a Murder

Season 4

Devious Maids 4×01: Once More Unto the Bleach
Devious Maids 4×02: Another One Wipes the Dust
Devious Maids 4×03: War and Grease
Devious Maids 4×04: Sweeping With the Enemy
Devious Maids 4×05: A Time to Spill
Devious Maids 4×06: The Maid Who Knew Too Much
Devious Maids 4×07: Blood, Sweat, and Smears
Devious Maids 4×08: I Saw the Shine
Devious Maids 4×09: Much Ado About Buffing
Devious Maids 4×10: Grime and Punishment

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