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Brief Plot SUmmary

Hosted by Theo Von, Deal With It is a hidden-camera prank show with the ultimate twist. Unsuspecting members of the public secretly will be recruited to pull a prank on their unwitting companions with absolutely no time to prepare. If they agree to participate, they must obey all instructions given through an earpiece from a secret control room nearby. With the opportunity to prank their way to cash and prizes, these everyday people will be shown no mercy as they are tasked with pulling off some of the most ridiculous behavior ever caught on hidden camera. Each week, different guest celebrities and comedians will be in on the fun feeding ridiculous, hilarious pranks to the contestants.

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Jul/17/2013

Casts: Theo Von


Deal With It (2013) Episode List

Season 1

Deal With It (2013) 1×01: Rc Chaos In Hotel
Deal With It (2013) 1×02: Shirts Off
Deal With It (2013) 1×03: The Cult
Deal With It (2013) 1×04: Hypnotist
Deal With It (2013) 1×05: Blind Rose
Deal With It (2013) 1×06: Nut Job

Season 2

Deal With It (2013) 2×01: Nick Cannon and Howie Mandel
Deal With It (2013) 2×02: Heidi Klum, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady
Deal With It (2013) 2×03: Tom Green and Iliza Shlesinger
Deal With It (2013) 2×04: Kendall & Kylie Jenner and Gary Owen
Deal With It (2013) 2×05: Chris Jericho and Bill Engvall
Deal With It (2013) 2×06: David Koechner & Alex Mandel
Deal With It (2013) 2×07: Bob Saget and Chuey Martinez
Deal With It (2013) 2×08: Howie Mandel and Kevin Nealon
Deal With It (2013) 2×09: Kelly Osbourne & Moshe Kasher
Deal With It (2013) 2×10: David Koechner and Alex Mandel
Deal With It (2013) 2×11: Bill & Giuliana Rancic and Alex Mandel
Deal With It (2013) 2×12: Tom Green and WWE Superstar The Miz
Deal With It (2013) 2×13: Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon
Deal With It (2013) 2×14: Ross Mathews & Bobby Lee
Deal With It (2013) 2×15: Jerry O’Connell and Jeannie Mai
Deal With It (2013) 2×16: Kym Whitley and Josh Wolf
Deal With It (2013) 2×17: King Bach and Alex Mandel
Deal With It (2013) 2×18: Howie Mandel & Jack Osbourne
Deal With It (2013) 2×19: Penn Jillette and Jessimae Peluso
Deal With It (2013) 2×20: Chuey Martinez & Josh Meyers
Deal With It (2013) 2×21: Melissa Peterman & Sarah Colonna
Deal With It (2013) 2×22: Marlon Wayans & Mo Mandel

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