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Brief Plot SUmmary

There is just something about darkness that awakens our primal fears. As children, nightlights keep the boogeyman at bay, but by adulthood we learn that hiding under the covers is no defense against true evil. Dead Of Night shines light on nighttime crimes in which darkness hides predators hungry for a midnight attack. Providing vivid insight into a night on the town that turned fatal in an instant, each episode of Dead Of Night recounts the dark, deadly deed and the daytime investigation that followed.

Genre: Crime

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Start Date: Mar/12/2013



Dead Of Night (2013) Episode List

Season 1

Dead Of Night (2013) 1×01: Empire State of Murder
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×02: Blood Brothers
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×03: Bourbon Street Bloodbath
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×04: Nightclub Nightmare
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×05: Drowning in Sorrow
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×06: Death, Lies and Videotape
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×07: I Die to Pieces
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×08: Char-Cold Killer
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×09: The Manson Tunnel Murder
Dead Of Night (2013) 1×10: Blood Never Lies

Season 2

Dead Of Night (2013) 2×01: Murder In Paradise
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×02: The Sound of Silence
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×03: Favorite Son
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×04: The Night Shift
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×05: Campus Killer
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×06: Speak No Evil
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×07: Writing on the Wall
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×08: Misfortune Teller
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×09: A Shot in the Dark
Dead Of Night (2013) 2×10: Message From the Grave

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