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Brief Plot SUmmary

Dallas is an American drama series that centers around the Ewings, a wealthy Dallas family in the oil and cattle-ranching industries. This series is the continuation of the 1978 soap opera of the same name. Stars Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Mitch Pileggi, Emma Bell, Kuno Becker, and Juan Pablo Di Pace.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Jun/13/2012

Casts: Brenda Strong; Patrick Duffy; Linda Gray; Jesse Metcalfe; Josh Henderson; Jordana Brewster; Julie Gonzalo; Mitch Pileggi; Emma Bell; Kuno Becker; Larry Hagman; Juan Pablo Di Pace


Dallas (2012) Episode List

Season 1

Dallas (2012) 1×01: Changing of the Guard
Dallas (2012) 1×02: Hedging Your Bets
Dallas (2012) 1×03: The Price You Pay
Dallas (2012) 1×04: The Last Hurrah
Dallas (2012) 1×05: Truth and Consequences
Dallas (2012) 1×06: The Enemy of My Enemy
Dallas (2012) 1×07: Collateral Damage
Dallas (2012) 1×08: No Good Deed
Dallas (2012) 1×09: Family Business
Dallas (2012) 1×10: Revelations

Season 2

Dallas (2012) 2×01: Battle Lines
Dallas (2012) 2×02: Venomous Creatures
Dallas (2012) 2×03: Sins of the Father
Dallas (2012) 2×04: False Confessions
Dallas (2012) 2×05: Trial and Error
Dallas (2012) 2×06: Blame Game
Dallas (2012) 2×07: The Furious and the Fast
Dallas (2012) 2×08: J.R.’s Masterpiece
Dallas (2012) 2×09: Ewings Unite!
Dallas (2012) 2×10: Guilt & Innocence
Dallas (2012) 2×11: Let Me In
Dallas (2012) 2×12: A Call to Arms
Dallas (2012) 2×13: Love and Family
Dallas (2012) 2×14: Guilt By Association
Dallas (2012) 2×15: Legacies

Season 3

Dallas (2012) 3×01: The Return
Dallas (2012) 3×02: Trust Me
Dallas (2012) 3×03: Playing Chicken
Dallas (2012) 3×04: Lifting the Veil
Dallas (2012) 3×05: D.T.R.
Dallas (2012) 3×06: Like Father, Like Son
Dallas (2012) 3×07: Like a Bad Penny
Dallas (2012) 3×08: Where There’s Smoke
Dallas (2012) 3×09: Denial, Anger, Acceptance
Dallas (2012) 3×10: Dead Reckoning
Dallas (2012) 3×11: Hurt
Dallas (2012) 3×12: Victims of Love
Dallas (2012) 3×13: Boxed In
Dallas (2012) 3×14: Endgame
Dallas (2012) 3×15: Brave New World

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