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Brief Plot SUmmary

An action drama series that follows the workings of a special crime unit set up by the International Criminal Court to investigate serialized crimes that cross European borders and to hunt down criminals to bring them to justice. Stars William Fichtner, Donald Sutherland, Marc Lavoine, Tom Wlaschiha, Gabriella Pession, Moon Dailly and Richard Flood.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Jun/23/2013

Casts: Donald Sutherland; Tom Wlaschiha; Lara Rossi; William Fichtner; Marc Lavoine; Gabriella Pession; Richard Flood; Stuart Martin; Goran Visnjic; Elizabeth Mitchell; Naomi Battrick; Moon Dailly


Crossing Lines Episode List

Season 1

Crossing Lines 1×01: Pilot (1)
Crossing Lines 1×02: Pilot (2)
Crossing Lines 1×03: The Terminator
Crossing Lines 1×04: Long-Haul Predators
Crossing Lines 1×05: Special Ops (1)
Crossing Lines 1×06: Special Ops (2)
Crossing Lines 1×07: The Animals
Crossing Lines 1×08: Desperation & Desperados
Crossing Lines 1×09: New Scars / Old Wounds (1)
Crossing Lines 1×10: New Scars / Old Wounds (2)

Season 2

Crossing Lines 2×01: The Rescue
Crossing Lines 2×02: The Homecoming
Crossing Lines 2×03: The Kill Zone
Crossing Lines 2×04: Everybody Will Know
Crossing Lines 2×05: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Crossing Lines 2×06: Freedom
Crossing Lines 2×07: The Velvet Glove
Crossing Lines 2×08: Family Ties
Crossing Lines 2×09: Truth and Consequences
Crossing Lines 2×10: The Long Way Home
Crossing Lines 2×11: The Team (1)
Crossing Lines 2×12: The Team (2)

Season 3

Crossing Lines 3×01: Redux
Crossing Lines 3×02: Whistleblower
Crossing Lines 3×03: Dragon
Crossing Lines 3×04: In Loco Parentis
Crossing Lines 3×05: Recoil
Crossing Lines 3×06: Executioner
Crossing Lines 3×07: Lost and Found
Crossing Lines 3×08: Heat
Crossing Lines 3×09: Expose
Crossing Lines 3×10: Enemy of the People
Crossing Lines 3×11: Penalty
Crossing Lines 3×12: Obscura

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