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Brief Plot SUmmary

Crazy Cakes takes viewers behind the scenes to bakeries across America who are creating the craziest cakes imaginable. From gravity-defying wedding cakes to life-size animal replicas, this series will blow your mind as we see how these bakers create and build these delicious artistic edible creations.

Genre: Food

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Start Date: Aug/24/2018



Crazy Cakes Episode List

Season 1

Crazy Cakes 1×01: Carnivals, Cityscapes and Glowing Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×02: Surprise Filled Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×03: Gravity-Defying Musical Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×04: Out-of-This-World, Upside-Down Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×05: Beer, Bling and Spinning Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×06: Magical and Mysterious Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×07: Castles, Coral and Camo Cakes
Crazy Cakes 1×08: Doughnut Dumbbells and More

Season 2

Crazy Cakes 2×01: Jaw-dropping Fantasy Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×02: Massive Mega Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×03: Oversized Underwater Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×04: Realistic Animal Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×05: Waterfall And Wonder Wheel Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×06: Glowing, Patriotic Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×07: Leprechaun And Mermaid Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×08: Spinning, Lifelike Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×09: Cookies And Feather Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×10: Ostriches, Tacos And Groundhogs, Oh My!
Crazy Cakes 2×11: Levitating, Robotic Cake
Crazy Cakes 2×12: Bears And Pinball Cakes
Crazy Cakes 2×13: Fiery, Fairytale Cakes

Season 3

Crazy Cakes 3×01: Sea Creatures and Corvette Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×02: Fierce, Festive Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×03: Cities, Skates And Jellyfish Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×04: Legendary, Adventure Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×05: Italian Food And Instrument Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×06: Over-the-top Birthday Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×07: Dazzling Dragon and Bear Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×08: Magical Character Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×09: Fancy Flower and Farm Cakes
Crazy Cakes 3×10: Flying and Golden Cakes

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