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After some challenging months Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are ready to look towards the future. Originally known as "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" now renamed Counting On, follows the lives of the sisters as they navigate adulthood and the changes that come with it. From Jill & Derick making a major move to Central America with their baby boy Israel, to newlyweds Jessa and Ben preparing for their first child, we're excited to see what's in store for the young couples.


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Start Date: Dec/13/2015



Counting On Episode List

Season 1

Counting On 1×01: A New Chapter
Counting On 1×02: Baby Shower & A New Home
Counting On 1×03: Counting One More
Counting On 1×04: At Home & Away
Counting On 1×05: Date Nights & Bright Lights
Counting On 1×06: Jinger Flips
Counting On 1×07: Surprise!
Counting On 1×08: Ben Drops Beats
Counting On 1×09: Girls Hit the Road
Counting On 1×10: Family Reunion
Counting On 1×11: Israel Meets Spurgeon

Season 2

Counting On 2×01: A Courtship Begins
Counting On 2×02: It’s Official!
Counting On 2×03: Duggars in the Wild
Counting On 2×04: Meet the Parents
Counting On 2×05: A Big Surprise
Counting On 2×06: The Big Event
Counting On 2×07: Guys’ Guide to Courting
Counting On 2×08: Proposal in the City
Counting On 2×09: Jessa’s Announcement
Counting On 2×10: The After Show
Counting On 2×11: Duggars at the Altar
Counting On 2×12: Courting Jinger
Counting On 2×13: Jinger’s Wedding

Season 3

Counting On 3×01: The Jinger Gown
Counting On 3×02: Could It Be Twins?
Counting On 3×03: Bachelor Pad Makeover
Counting On 3×04: The Bachelor Party
Counting On 3×05: All About Jinger
Counting On 3×06: The Big Day
Counting On 3×07: A Honeymoon and a Courtship
Counting On 3×08: TBA

Season 4

Counting On 4×01: Joy’s Wedding
Counting On 4×04: A New Baby

Season 5

Counting On 5×01: A New Courtship
Counting On 5×02: Let Them Eat Cake

Season 6

Counting On 6×01: In Love in Switzerland
Counting On 6×02: The Vuolos Buy a House
Counting On 6×03: Spurgeon’s First Haircut
Counting On 6×04: Kendra’s Birthday Surprise
Counting On 6×05: A New Bundle of Joy
Counting On 6×06: Joy Gives Birth
Counting On 6×07: Joe and Kendra Say I Do

Season 7

Counting On 7×01: In Love in Switzerland
Counting On 7×02: The Vuolos Buy a House
Counting On 7×06: Joe And Kendra Say I Do

Season 8

Counting On 8×01: It’s All Greek to Me!
Counting On 8×02: Make Room for Baby
Counting On 8×03: Unexpected
Counting On 8×04: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret
Counting On 8×05: An Explosive Reveal
Counting On 8×06: Josiah Pops the Question
Counting On 8×07: A Birth-day and a Birthday
Counting On 8×08: Thrift Store Date Night
Counting On 8×09: Lauren Finds Her Dress
Counting On 8×10: Jinger’s Double Surprise
Counting On 8×11: Kendra Has A Baby
Counting On 8×12: Josiah & Lauren’s Prank-less Wedding?

Season 9

Counting On 9×01: Love Is in the Air
Counting On 9×02: Jinger Has a Baby
Counting On 9×03: Sleepless in Laredo
Counting On 9×04: Love and Loss
Counting On 9×05: The Abbie Gown
Counting On 9×06: To Grandmother’s House We Go
Counting On 9×07: A Bachelor No More

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