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Brief Plot SUmmary

A science fiction drama series that centers with the City Protective Services enforcer Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver, CA after she was transported involuntarily in year 2012 to track down and capture "Liber8" escapees from the future. Stars Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, and Stephen Lobo.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Police

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Start Date: May/27/2012

Casts: Rachel Nichols; Victor Webster; Erik Knudsen; Stephen Lobo; Omari Newton; Lexa Doig; Roger R. Cross; Luvia Petersen; Magda Apanowicz; Ryan Robbins


Continuum Episode List

Season 1

Continuum 1×01: A Stitch in Time
Continuum 1×02: Fast Times
Continuum 1×03: Wasting Time
Continuum 1×04: A Matter of Time
Continuum 1×05: A Test of Time
Continuum 1×06: Time’s Up
Continuum 1×07: The Politics of Time
Continuum 1×08: Playtime
Continuum 1×09: Family Time
Continuum 1×10: Endtimes

Season 2

Continuum 2×01: Second Chances
Continuum 2×02: Split Second
Continuum 2×03: Second Thoughts
Continuum 2×04: Second Skin
Continuum 2×05: Second Opinion
Continuum 2×06: Second Truths
Continuum 2×07: Second Degree
Continuum 2×08: Second Listen
Continuum 2×09: Seconds
Continuum 2×10: Second Wave
Continuum 2×11: Second Guess
Continuum 2×12: Second Last
Continuum 2×13: Second Time

Season 3

Continuum 3×01: Minute by Minute
Continuum 3×02: Minute Man
Continuum 3×03: Minute to Win It
Continuum 3×04: Minute Changes
Continuum 3×05: 30 Minutes to Air
Continuum 3×06: Wasted Minute
Continuum 3×07: Waning Minutes
Continuum 3×08: So Do Our Minutes Hasten
Continuum 3×09: Minute of Silence
Continuum 3×10: Revolutions Per Minute
Continuum 3×11: 3 Minutes to Midnight
Continuum 3×12: The Dying Minutes
Continuum 3×13: Last Minute

Season 4

Continuum 4×01: Lost Hours
Continuum 4×02: Rush Hour
Continuum 4×03: Power Hour
Continuum 4×04: Zero Hour
Continuum 4×05: The Desperate Hours
Continuum 4×06: Final Hour

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