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Brief Plot SUmmary

Code Black is a medical drama series that centers with Angels Memorial Hospital, he busiest ER in the nation. Stars Marcia Gay Harden, Bonnie Somerville, Melanie Kannokada, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Harry M. Ford, Luis Guzman, Raza Jaffrey and William Allen Young. The series takes place in an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in Los Angeles, California, and is based on a documentary by Ryan McGarry.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Sep/30/2015

Casts: Luis Guzmán; Melanie Kannokada; Raza Jaffrey; Harry Ford; Marcia Gay Harden; Ben Hollingsworth; Bonnie Somerville; William Allen Young


Code Black Episode List

Season 1

Code Black 1×01: Pilot
Code Black 1×02: We Plug Holes
Code Black 1×03: Pre-Existing Conditions
Code Black 1×04: Sometimes It’s a Zebra
Code Black 1×05: Doctors with Borders
Code Black 1×06: In Extremis
Code Black 1×07: Buen Árbol
Code Black 1×08: You Are the Heart
Code Black 1×09: The Son Rises
Code Black 1×10: Cardiac Support
Code Black 1×11: Black Tag
Code Black 1×12: The Fog of War
Code Black 1×13: First Date
Code Black 1×14: The Fifth Stage
Code Black 1×15: Diagnosis of Exclusion
Code Black 1×16: Hail Mary
Code Black 1×17: Love Hurts
Code Black 1×18: Blood Sport

Season 2

Code Black 2×01: Second Year
Code Black 2×02: Life and Limb
Code Black 2×03: Corporeal Form
Code Black 2×04: Demons and Angels
Code Black 2×05: Landslide
Code Black 2×06: Hero Complex
Code Black 2×07: What Lies Beneath
Code Black 2×08: 1.0 Bodies
Code Black 2×09: Sleight of Hand
Code Black 2×10: Ave Maria
Code Black 2×11: Exodus
Code Black 2×12: One in a Million
Code Black 2×13: Unfinished Business
Code Black 2×14: Vertigo
Code Black 2×15: The Devil’s Workshop
Code Black 2×16: Fallen Angels

Season 3

Code Black 3×01: Third Year
Code Black 3×02: Better Angels
Code Black 3×03: La Familia
Code Black 3×04: The Same As Air
Code Black 3×05: Cabin Pressure
Code Black 3×06: Hell’s Heart
Code Black 3×07: Step Up
Code Black 3×08: Home Stays Home
Code Black 3×09: Only Human
Code Black 3×10: Change of Heart
Code Black 3×11: One of Our Own
Code Black 3×12: As Night Comes and I’m Breathing
Code Black 3×13: The Business of Saving Lives

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