Clipped poster

Brief Plot SUmmary

Clipped centers on a group of barbershop coworkers who all went to high school together but ran in very different crowds. Now they find themselves working together at Buzzy's. (Source: TBS)

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Jun/16/2015

Casts: Matt Cook; Ashley Tisdale; Lauren Lapkus; George Wendt; Mike Castle; Ryan Pinkston; Lisa Schurga; Crista Flanagan; Dana Powell; Diona Reasonover


Clipped Episode List

Season 1

Clipped 1×01: Pilot
Clipped 1×02: Dreamers
Clipped 1×03: Go Below
Clipped 1×04: Wi-Fi
Clipped 1×05: Big Gay Wedding
Clipped 1×06: World’s Rudest Barbershop
Clipped 1×07: Mo’s Ma
Clipped 1×08: The Gambler
Clipped 1×09: Free Wednesday
Clipped 1×10: High School Reunion

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