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Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling Chicago franchise, an emotional ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors that holds it together. They will tackle unique new cases inspired by topical events, forging fiery relationships in the pulse-pounding pandemonium of the emergency room, and through it all, familiar faces from the Chicago Police and Fire departments will intertwine as this third team of Chicago heroes hits the ground running. The newest spin-off in Dick Wolf's popular Chicago franchise, Chicago Med stars Oliver Platt, S. Epatha Merkerson, Laurie Holden, Nick Gehlfuss and Yaya Dacosta. It follows the day-to-day activities of one of Chicago's busiest and probably most dramatic hospitals, if we've learned anything from medical dramas. The series will draw inspiration from topical events as the doctors, nurses and cafeteria staff forge relationships in, out and probably around the emergency room. And yes, you can expect to see Chicago's hunkiest firefighters and top-notch lawmen swing through its doors on a semi-regular basis.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Nov/17/2015

Casts: Brian Tee; Torrey DeVitto; Rachel DiPillo; Marlyne Barrett; Oliver Platt; S. Epatha Merkerson; Yaya DaCosta; Nick Gehlfuss; Colin Donnell


Chicago Med Episode List

Season 1

Chicago Med 1×01: Derailed
Chicago Med 1×02: iNO
Chicago Med 1×03: Fallback
Chicago Med 1×04: Mistaken
Chicago Med 1×05: Malignant
Chicago Med 1×06: Bound
Chicago Med 1×07: Saints
Chicago Med 1×08: Reunion
Chicago Med 1×09: Choices
Chicago Med 1×10: Clarity
Chicago Med 1×11: Intervention
Chicago Med 1×12: Guilty
Chicago Med 1×13: Us
Chicago Med 1×14: Hearts
Chicago Med 1×15: Inheritance
Chicago Med 1×16: Disorder
Chicago Med 1×17: Withdrawal
Chicago Med 1×18: Timing

Season 2

Chicago Med 2×01: Soul Care
Chicago Med 2×02: Win Loss
Chicago Med 2×03: Natural History
Chicago Med 2×04: Brother’s Keeper
Chicago Med 2×05: Extreme Measures
Chicago Med 2×06: Alternative Medicine
Chicago Med 2×07: Inherent Bias
Chicago Med 2×08: Free Will
Chicago Med 2×09: Uncharted Territory
Chicago Med 2×10: Heart Matters
Chicago Med 2×11: Graveyard Shift
Chicago Med 2×12: Mirror Mirror
Chicago Med 2×13: Theseus’ Ship
Chicago Med 2×14: Cold Front
Chicago Med 2×15: Lose Yourself
Chicago Med 2×16: Prisoner’s Dilemma
Chicago Med 2×17: Monday Mourning
Chicago Med 2×18: Lesson Learned
Chicago Med 2×19: Ctrl Alt
Chicago Med 2×20: Generation Gap
Chicago Med 2×21: Deliver Us
Chicago Med 2×22: White Butterflies
Chicago Med 2×23: Love Hurts

Season 3

Chicago Med 3×01: Speak Your Truth
Chicago Med 3×02: Nothing to Fear
Chicago Med 3×03: Trust Your Gut
Chicago Med 3×04: Naughty or Nice
Chicago Med 3×05: Mountains and Molehills
Chicago Med 3×06: Ties That Bind
Chicago Med 3×07: Over Troubled Water
Chicago Med 3×08: Lemons and Lemonade
Chicago Med 3×09: On Shaky Ground
Chicago Med 3×10: Down By Law
Chicago Med 3×11: Folie à Deux
Chicago Med 3×12: Born This Way
Chicago Med 3×13: Best Laid Plans
Chicago Med 3×14: Lock It Down
Chicago Med 3×15: Devil in Disguise
Chicago Med 3×16: An Inconvenient Truth
Chicago Med 3×17: The Parent Trap
Chicago Med 3×18: This Is Now
Chicago Med 3×19: Crisis of Confidence
Chicago Med 3×20: The Tipping Point

Season 4

Chicago Med 4×01: Be My Better Half
Chicago Med 4×02: When to Let Go (2)
Chicago Med 4×03: Heavy Is the Head
Chicago Med 4×04: Backed Against the Wall
Chicago Med 4×05: What You Don’t Know…
Chicago Med 4×06: Lesser of Two Evils
Chicago Med 4×07: The Poison Inside Us
Chicago Med 4×08: Play By My Rules
Chicago Med 4×09: Death Do Us Part
Chicago Med 4×10: All the Lonely People
Chicago Med 4×11: Who Can You Trust
Chicago Med 4×12: The Things We Do
Chicago Med 4×13: Ghosts in the Attic
Chicago Med 4×14: Can’t Unring That Bell
Chicago Med 4×15: We Hold These Truths
Chicago Med 4×16: Old Flames, New Sparks
Chicago Med 4×17: The Space Between Us
Chicago Med 4×18: Tell Me the Truth
Chicago Med 4×19: Never Let You Go
Chicago Med 4×20: More Harm Than Good
Chicago Med 4×21: Forever Hold Your Peace
Chicago Med 4×22: With a Brave Heart

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