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Brief Plot SUmmary

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the series follows the brilliant, brash, and charming founder of a hugely successful trial consulting firm who uses a combination of remarkable insight into human nature, three Ph.D.s, and a top-notch team of experts to create winning strategies that tip the scales of justice in his clients' favor.

Genre: Drama

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Start Date: Sep/20/2016



Bull (2016) Episode List

Season 1

Bull (2016) 1×01: The Necklace
Bull (2016) 1×02: The Woman in 8D
Bull (2016) 1×03: Unambiguous
Bull (2016) 1×04: Callisto
Bull (2016) 1×05: Just Tell the Truth
Bull (2016) 1×06: Bedside Manner
Bull (2016) 1×07: Never Saw the Sign
Bull (2016) 1×08: Too Perfect
Bull (2016) 1×09: Light My Fire
Bull (2016) 1×10: E.J.
Bull (2016) 1×11: Teacher’s Pet
Bull (2016) 1×12: Stockholm Syndrome
Bull (2016) 1×13: The Fall
Bull (2016) 1×14: It’s Classified
Bull (2016) 1×15: What’s Your Number?
Bull (2016) 1×16: Free Fall
Bull (2016) 1×17: Name Game
Bull (2016) 1×18: Dressed to Kill
Bull (2016) 1×19: Bring It On
Bull (2016) 1×20: Make Me
Bull (2016) 1×21: How to Dodge a Bullet
Bull (2016) 1×22: Dirty Little Secrets
Bull (2016) 1×23: Benevolent Deception

Season 2

Bull (2016) 2×01: School for Scandal
Bull (2016) 2×02: Already Gone
Bull (2016) 2×03: A Business of Favors
Bull (2016) 2×04: The Illusion of Control
Bull (2016) 2×05: Play the Hand You’re Dealt
Bull (2016) 2×06: The Exception to the Rule
Bull (2016) 2×07: No Good Deed
Bull (2016) 2×08: The Devil, The Detail
Bull (2016) 2×09: Thanksgiving
Bull (2016) 2×10: Home for the Holidays
Bull (2016) 2×11: Survival Instincts
Bull (2016) 2×12: Grey Areas
Bull (2016) 2×13: Kill Shot
Bull (2016) 2×14: Keep Your Friends Close
Bull (2016) 2×15: Witness for the Prosecution
Bull (2016) 2×16: Absolution
Bull (2016) 2×17: Gag Order
Bull (2016) 2×18: Bad Medicine
Bull (2016) 2×19: A Redemption
Bull (2016) 2×20: Justified
Bull (2016) 2×21: Reckless
Bull (2016) 2×22: Death Sentence

Season 3

Bull (2016) 3×01: The Ground Beneath Their Feet
Bull (2016) 3×02: Jury Duty
Bull (2016) 3×03: Excessive Force
Bull (2016) 3×04: Justice for Cable
Bull (2016) 3×05: The Missing Piece
Bull (2016) 3×06: Fool Me Twice
Bull (2016) 3×07: A Girl Without Feelings
Bull (2016) 3×08: But for the Grace
Bull (2016) 3×09: Separation

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