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Brief Plot SUmmary

Broad City follows two girls, played by Jacobson and Glazer, throughout their daily lives in New York City, making the smallest and mundane events hysterical and disturbing to watch all at the same time. Referred to as "sneak-attack feminism" by The Wall Street Journal, their dynamic relationship, combined with their impeccable comedic timing and chemistry, has earned the two comedians praise from The New York Times, Time Out NY, The Fader, and AV Club, among others. The series has been nominated for the ECNY’s Best Web Series award; Jacobson and Glazer also were nominated individually.

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Jan/22/2014

Casts: Abbi Jacobson; Ilana Glazer; Hannibal Buress; Paul W. Downs; John Gemberling; Arturo Castro; Stephen Schneider; Nicole Drespel; Janeane Garofalo; Chris Gethard


Broad City Episode List

Season 1

Broad City 1×01: What a Wonderful World
Broad City 1×02: Pu$$y Weed
Broad City 1×03: Working Girls
Broad City 1×04: The Lockout
Broad City 1×05: Fattest Asses
Broad City 1×06: Stolen Phone
Broad City 1×07: Hurricane Wanda
Broad City 1×08: Destination: Wedding
Broad City 1×09: Apartment Hunters
Broad City 1×10: The Last Supper

Season 2

Broad City 2×01: In Heat
Broad City 2×02: Mochalatta Chills
Broad City 2×03: Wisdom Teeth
Broad City 2×04: Knockoffs
Broad City 2×05: Hashtag FOMO
Broad City 2×06: The Matrix
Broad City 2×07: Citizen Ship
Broad City 2×08: Kirk Steele
Broad City 2×09: Coat Check
Broad City 2×10: St. Marks

Season 3

Broad City 3×01: Two Chainz
Broad City 3×02: Co-Op
Broad City 3×03: Game Over
Broad City 3×04: Rat Pack
Broad City 3×05: 2016
Broad City 3×06: Philadelphia
Broad City 3×07: B&B-NYC
Broad City 3×08: Burning Bridges
Broad City 3×09: Getting There
Broad City 3×10: Jews on a Plane

Season 4

Broad City 4×01: Sliding Doors
Broad City 4×02: Twaining Day
Broad City 4×03: Just the Tips
Broad City 4×04: Mushrooms
Broad City 4×05: Abbi’s Mom
Broad City 4×06: Witches
Broad City 4×07: Florida
Broad City 4×08: House-Sitting
Broad City 4×09: Bedbugs
Broad City 4×10: Friendiversary

Season 5

Broad City 5×01: Stories
Broad City 5×02: Shework and Shit Bucket
Broad City 5×03: Bitcoin & the Missing Girl
Broad City 5×04: Make the Space
Broad City 5×05: Artsy Fartsy
Broad City 5×06: Lost and Found
Broad City 5×07: Shenanigans
Broad City 5×08: Sleep No More
Broad City 5×09: Along Came Molly
Broad City 5×10: Broad City

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