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Brief Plot SUmmary

Take a cannabis-fueled culinary journey in search of bold flavors, colorful characters, and truly high-end eating as Bong Appetit travels the world seeking out those with a passion for food, weed, and merriment.

Genre: Food

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Start Date: Dec/14/2016



Bong Appetit Episode List

Season 1

Bong Appetit 1×01: Molecular Marijuana
Bong Appetit 1×02: Hazy Holiday Dinner
Bong Appetit 1×03: Fiesta Del Fuego
Bong Appetit 1×04: Baked Bedouin Birthday
Bong Appetit 1×05: Tour de Terpenes
Bong Appetit 1×06: Marijuana Murder Mystery
Bong Appetit 1×07: Kimchi & Kush
Bong Appetit 1×08: Ganja Grandma
Bong Appetit 1×09: Filipino Flower Feast
Bong Appetit 1×10: Smoking Sativa S’mores

Season 2

Bong Appetit 2×01: High Thai Food
Bong Appetit 2×02: South Central Cannabis Cuisine
Bong Appetit 2×03: Texas BBQ On Weed
Bong Appetit 2×04: Marijuana Mother’s Day Feast
Bong Appetit 2×05: Pot Infused Pizza Party
Bong Appetit 2×06: Cruelty Free Cannabis Cuisine
Bong Appetit 2×07: Havana Hydro Feast
Bong Appetit 2×08: Grow To Table Cuisine
Bong Appetit 2×09: Pakistani Pot Pakoras
Bong Appetit 2×10: Weed Infused Japanese Food
Bong Appetit 2×11: Ganja Game Day
Bong Appetit 2×12: Greek Style Ganja Dinner
Bong Appetit 2×13: Tandoori Toke Fest
Bong Appetit 2×14: Pothead Sleepover Party
Bong Appetit 2×15: Infused Vietnamese Cuisine
Bong Appetit 2×16: Cannabis Coconut Stew
Bong Appetit 2×17: Halloweed Party
Bong Appetit 2×18: Smoke Your Greens
Bong Appetit 2×19: Kosher Kush Cooking
Bong Appetit 2×20: Wildest Weed Food Ever

Season 3

Bong Appetit 3×01: poT Chef
Bong Appetit 3×02: Legalize Marinara
Bong Appetit 3×03: Weed Chef Battle
Bong Appetit 3×04: Eggs & Bakin’
Bong Appetit 3×05: Puff, Puff, Pastry
Bong Appetit 3×06: Gochu-Bong
Bong Appetit 3×07: Latina Cocina
Bong Appetit 3×08: Joint Effort
Bong Appetit 3×09: Devil’s Lettuce
Bong Appetit 3×10: Cook Off Championship

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