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Brief Plot SUmmary

A medical drama series that follows the life of Dr. Megan Hunt as she tries to balance her career, solving crimes, analyzing dead bodies and connecting to her estranged daughter. Stars Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, John Carroll Lynch, Nicholas Bishop, Sonja Sohn, Geoffrey Arend, Windell Middlebrooks, Mary Mouser, Mark Valley and Elyes Gabel.

Genre: Drama, Crime

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Start Date: Mar/29/2011

Casts: Mark Valley; Dana Delany; Jeri Ryan; Geoffrey Arend; Windell Middlebrooks; Elyes Gabel; Mary Mouser; Nicholas Bishop; John Carroll Lynch; Sonja Sohn


Body of Proof Episode List

Season 1

Body Of Proof 1×01: Pilot
Body Of Proof 1×02: Letting Go
Body Of Proof 1×03: Helping Hand
Body Of Proof 1×04: Talking Heads
Body Of Proof 1×05: Dead Man Walking
Body Of Proof 1×06: Society Hill
Body Of Proof 1×07: All in the Family
Body Of Proof 1×08: Buried Secrets
Body Of Proof 1×09: Broken Home

Season 2

Body Of Proof 2×01: Love Thy Neighbor
Body Of Proof 2×02: Hunting Party
Body Of Proof 2×03: Missing
Body Of Proof 2×04: Lazarus Man
Body Of Proof 2×05: Point of Origin
Body Of Proof 2×06: Second Chances
Body Of Proof 2×07: Hard Knocks
Body Of Proof 2×08: Love Bites
Body Of Proof 2×09: Gross Anatomy
Body of Proof 2×10: Your Number’s Up
Body Of Proof 2×11: Falling for You
Body Of Proof 2×12: Shades of Blue
Body Of Proof 2×13: Sympathy for the Devil
Body Of Proof 2×14: Cold Blooded
Body Of Proof 2×15: Occupational Hazards
Body Of Proof 2×16: Home Invasion
Body Of Proof 2×17: Identity
Body Of Proof 2×18: Going Viral (1)
Body Of Proof 2×19: Going Viral (2)
Body Of Proof 2×20: Mind Games

Season 3

Body Of Proof 3×01: Abducted (1)
Body Of Proof 3×02: Abducted (2)
Body Of Proof 3×03: Lost Souls
Body Of Proof 3×04: Mob Mentality
Body Of Proof 3×05: Eye for an Eye
Body Of Proof 3×06: Fallen Angel
Body Of Proof 3×07: Skin and Bones
Body Of Proof 3×08: Doubting Tommy
Body Of Proof 3×09: Disappearing Act
Body Of Proof 3×10: Committed
Body Of Proof 3×11: Dark City
Body Of Proof 3×12: Breakout
Body Of Proof 3×13: Daddy Issues

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