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The phrase "everything's bigger in Texas" has never rung more true. Big hair, big attitudes and big drama all come together in The Style Network's new docu-series Big Rich Texas Following five mother-daughter duos, the show gives viewers a unique look into the competitive and privileged lives of these movers-and-shakers as they cement a place for themselves in Dallas's high society. From grand Texas estates to an exclusive country club, Big Rich Texas gushes with tons of shopping, cocktails and indulgence. Yet, at its core, the focus always returns to the surprising and wonderful relationships between mothers and daughters. It's universally relatable, no matter what club you belong to.

Genre: Family, Lifestyle

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Start Date: Jul/17/2011



Big Rich Texas Episode List

Season 1

Big Rich Texas 1×01: Welcome to the Club
Big Rich Texas 1×02: Beauty Queen Drop-Out
Big Rich Texas 1×03: Brawling Beauty Queens
Big Rich Texas 1×04: Model Meltdown
Big Rich Texas 1×05: Brat Attack
Big Rich Texas 1×06: Texas Throwdown
Big Rich Texas 1×07: Gunning for Trouble
Big Rich Texas 1×08: My Mom Stole My Crown
Big Rich Texas 1×09: Whit’s End
Big Rich Texas 1×10: The Cougar Trap

Season 2

Big Rich Texas 2×01: Texas Shootout
Big Rich Texas 2×02: Not So Sweet 16
Big Rich Texas 2×03: Country Clubbed
Big Rich Texas 2×04: Bride & Doom
Big Rich Texas 2×05: Cheer Momster
Big Rich Texas 2×06: Texas Millionaire Manhunt
Big Rich Texas 2×07: Siblings With Benefits
Big Rich Texas 2×08: Miss Conception
Big Rich Texas 2×09: Bonnie-Plasty
Big Rich Texas 2×10: Join the Club
Big Rich Texas 2×11: Clash of the Texans
Big Rich Texas 2×12: Big Rich Texas Tell-All

Season 3

Big Rich Texas 3×01: Botox & Billionaires
Big Rich Texas 3×02: Crabby Bitches
Big Rich Texas 3×03: Pierced by Revenge
Big Rich Texas 3×04: Cowboy Crazy
Big Rich Texas 3×05: Immaculate Infection
Big Rich Texas 3×06: Meet the Boogers
Big Rich Texas 3×07: Engaged and Enraged
Big Rich Texas 3×08: Big Easy Blowup
Big Rich Texas 3×09: If Cooks Could Kill
Big Rich Texas 3×10: Battle of the Bull
Big Rich Texas 3×11: Reunion Special (1)
Big Rich Texas 3×12: Reunion Special (2)

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