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Brief Plot SUmmary

Barmageddon is a competition series that seeks to settle once and for all which bar owner has the best recipe for success. In each episode, comedian Mo Mandel travels to a different city and pits two bar owners against each other. The goal is to see who can turn the most profit...while running the other owner's bar. The result is a wild rollercoaster ride of comical conflicts and one-upmanship as the bosses compete to see who can win over new staff and customers with their charm and skill.

Genre: Competition, How To/Do It Yourself, Talent

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Start Date: Oct/29/2014

Casts: Mo Mandel


Barmageddon Episode List

Season 1

Barmageddon 1×01: Holy Frijoles vs. Frederick’s on Fleet
Barmageddon 1×02: The Attic vs. FairyTail Lounge
Barmageddon 1×03: Lucey’s Lounge vs. Manitoba’s
Barmageddon 1×04: Prohibition vs. the Iron Horse NYC
Barmageddon 1×05: The Zebra Lounge vs. Windy City Inn
Barmageddon 1×06: Brass Monkey Tavern vs. Kevro’s Art Bar
Barmageddon 1×07: Player’s Pub & Grill vs. Art’s Tavern
Barmageddon 1×08: Bottega Wine Bar vs. Beer Trade Co.
Barmageddon 1×09: Suri Tapas Bar vs. Jumby Bay Island Grill
Barmageddon 1×10: Gossip Grill vs. Single Fin (San Diego)
Barmageddon 1×11: OB Noodle House vs. South Beach Bar & Grill (San Diego)
Barmageddon 1×12: Tondee’s Tavern vs. Bootleggers (Savannah)
Barmageddon 1×13: Blu Cantina vs. Anchor Bar & Tattoo (Atlanta)
Barmageddon 1×14: The Allie Way vs. Oficina Latina (New York)
Barmageddon 1×15: Zunzi’s 2 vs. Distillery Ale House (Savannah)
Barmageddon 1×16: Wild Beaver Saloon vs. The Clubhouse (Nashville)
Barmageddon 1×17: Two Bits vs. 67 Orange Street (New York)

Season 2

Barmageddon 2×01: Gossip Grill vs. Single Fin (San Diego)
Barmageddon 2×02: OB Noodle House vs. South Beach Bar & Grill
Barmageddon 2×03: Bootleggers vs. Tondee’s Tavern
Barmageddon 2×04: Blu Cantina vs. Anchor Bar & Tattoo
Barmageddon 2×05: Oficina Latina vs. The Allie Way
Barmageddon 2×06: Distillery Ale House vs. Zunzi’s 2
Barmageddon 2×07: Wild Beaver Saloon vs. The Clubhouse
Barmageddon 2×08: Two Bits vs. 67 Orange Street

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