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Brief Plot SUmmary

Ballers is a comedy sports drama series that stars Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The series chronicles the lives of athletes — some retired, some still active — living in Miami. Johnson will play one of them. Others stars of the series includes Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington, Rob Corddry and Troy Garity.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports

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Start Date: Jun/21/2015

Casts: Donovan Carter; John David Washington; Omar Benson Miller; Rob Corddry; Troy Garity; Dwayne Johnson; Anabelle Acosta; Jazmyn Simon; Tara Holt; Taylor Cole; Tug Coker; Christine Bently; Dulé Hill; Letoya Luckett


Ballers (2015) Episode List

Season 1

Ballers (2015) 1×01: Pilot
Ballers (2015) 1×02: Raise Up
Ballers (2015) 1×03: Move the Chains
Ballers (2015) 1×04: Heads Will Roll
Ballers (2015) 1×05: Machete Charge
Ballers (2015) 1×06: Everything is Everything
Ballers (2015) 1×07: Ends
Ballers (2015) 1×08: Gaslighting
Ballers (2015) 1×09: Head-On
Ballers (2015) 1×10: Flamingos

Season 2

Ballers (2015) 2×01: Face of the Franchise
Ballers (2015) 2×02: Enter the Temple
Ballers (2015) 2×03: Elidee
Ballers (2015) 2×04: World of Hurt
Ballers (2015) 2×05: Most Guys
Ballers (2015) 2×06: Saturdaze
Ballers (2015) 2×07: Everybody Knows
Ballers (2015) 2×08: Laying in the Weeds
Ballers (2015) 2×09: Million Bucks in a Bag
Ballers (2015) 2×10: Game Day

Season 3

Ballers (2015) 3×01: Seeds of Expansion
Ballers (2015) 3×02: Bull Rush
Ballers (2015) 3×03: In the Teeth
Ballers (2015) 3×04: Ride and Die
Ballers (2015) 3×05: Make Believe
Ballers (2015) 3×06: I Hate New York
Ballers (2015) 3×07: Ricky-Leaks
Ballers (2015) 3×08: Alley-Oops
Ballers (2015) 3×09: Crackback
Ballers (2015) 3×10: Yay Area

Season 4

Ballers (2015) 4×01: Rough Ride
Ballers (2015) 4×02: Don’t You Wanna Be Obama?
Ballers (2015) 4×03: This Is Not Our World
Ballers (2015) 4×04: Forgiving Is Living
Ballers (2015) 4×05: Doink
Ballers (2015) 4×06: No Small Talk
Ballers (2015) 4×07: The Kids are Aight
Ballers (2015) 4×08: The Devil You Know
Ballers (2015) 4×09: There’s No Place Like Home, Baby
Ballers (2015) 4×10:

Season 5

Ballers (2015) 5×01: Protocol Is for Losers
Ballers (2015) 5×02: Must Be the Shoes
Ballers (2015) 5×03: Copernicursed
Ballers (2015) 5×04: Municipal
Ballers (2015) 5×05: Crumbs
Ballers (2015) 5×06: Edutainment
Ballers (2015) 5×07: Who Wants a Lollipop?
Ballers (2015) 5×08: Players Only

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