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Brief Plot SUmmary

Another Period, hails from Ben Stiller's Red Hour, with Drunk History co-creator/director Jeremy Konner directing. It stars Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindholme as Victorian era heiresses. Shot reality style, the comedy follows the misadventures of Newport’s first family, The Bellacourts, a family with nothing to offer the world, but who have so much money that it doesn’t matter. The show centers around the oldest Bellacourt sisters, Lillian (Leggero) and Beatrice (Lindholme), who care only about how they look, what parties they are invited to and becoming famous, which is a lot harder in 1902. (Source: Deadline)

Genre: Comedy

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Start Date: Jun/23/2015

Casts: Moshe Kasher; Lauren Ash; Michael Ian Black; Natasha Leggero; Paget Brewster; Riki Lindhome; Armen Weitzman; Brian Huskey; David Koechner; David Wain; Jason Ritter


Another Period Episode List

Season 1

Another Period 1×01: The Party of the Century
Another Period 1×02: Divorce
Another Period 1×03: Funeral
Another Period 1×04: Pageant
Another Period 1×05: Senate
Another Period 1×06: Lillian’s Birthday
Another Period 1×07: Switcheroo Day
Another Period 1×08: Dog Dinner Party
Another Period 1×09: Reject’s Beach
Another Period 1×10: Modern Pigs

Season 2

Another Period 2×01: Tubman
Another Period 2×02: Annulment
Another Period 2×03: The Prince and the Pauper
Another Period 2×04: Trial of the Century
Another Period 2×05: Roosevelt
Another Period 2×06: Servants’ Disease
Another Period 2×07: Harvard
Another Period 2×08: Joplin
Another Period 2×09: Lillian’s Wedding
Another Period 2×10: The Duel
Another Period 2×11: Lillian is Dead

Season 3

Another Period 3×01: Congress
Another Period 3×02: Séance
Another Period 3×03: Olympics
Another Period 3×04: The Love Boat
Another Period 3×05: Masquerade
Another Period 3×06: Shady Acres
Another Period 3×07: Sex Nickelodeon
Another Period 3×08: Lucky Chang’s
Another Period 3×09: Little Orphan Garfield
Another Period 3×10: Commodore Returns
Another Period 3×11: President Bellacourt

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