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Brief Plot SUmmary

Andi Mack is a contemporary, coming-of-age story about a relatable girl who's trying to determine where she fits in and the many amazing ways she can live her life. Andi has been raised to live on the safe side, but on her 13th birthday, a revelation jumpstarts her path of self-discovery. At every twist and turn, she's anchored by a loving albeit complicated family and her loyal best friends, Cyrus and Buffy. Along the way, she learns that sometimes the unexpected is what truly makes life great.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

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Start Date: Apr/7/2017



Andi Mack Episode List

Season 1

Andi Mack 1×01: 13
Andi Mack 1×02: Outside the Box
Andi Mack 1×03: Shhh!
Andi Mack 1×04: Dancing in the Dark
Andi Mack 1×05: It’s Not About You
Andi Mack 1×06: She Said, She Said
Andi Mack 1×07: Dad Influence
Andi Mack 1×08: Terms of Embarrassment
Andi Mack 1×09: She’s Turning Into You
Andi Mack 1×10: Home Away from Home
Andi Mack 1×11: Were We Ever?
Andi Mack 1×12: Best Surprise Ever
Andi Mack 1×13: Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Season 2

Andi Mack 2×01: Hey, Who Wants Pizza?
Andi Mack 2×02: Chinese New Year
Andi Mack 2×03: Friends Like These
Andi Mack 2×04: Mama
Andi Mack 2×05: The Snorpion
Andi Mack 2×06: I Wanna Hold Your Wristband
Andi Mack 2×07: Head Over Heels
Andi Mack 2×08: There’s a Mack in the Shack
Andi Mack 2×09: You’re the One That I Want
Andi Mack 2×10: A Good Hair Day
Andi Mack 2×11: Miniature Gulf
Andi Mack 2×12: We Were Never
Andi Mack 2×13: Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah!
Andi Mack 2×14: Better to Have Wuvved and Wost
Andi Mack 2×15: Perfect Day 2.0
Andi Mack 2×16: Truth or Truth
Andi Mack 2×17: A Walker to Remember
Andi Mack 2×18: Crime Scene: AndiShack!
Andi Mack 2×19: Andi’s Choice
Andi Mack 2×20: For the Last Time
Andi Mack 2×21: Buffy in a Bottle
Andi Mack 2×22: Keep a Lid on It
Andi Mack 2×23: Bought, Lost or Stolen
Andi Mack 2×24: We’re on Cloud Ten
Andi Mack 2×25: The Cake That Takes the Cake

Season 3

Andi Mack 3×01: The Boys are Back
Andi Mack 3×02: Howling at the Moon Festival
Andi Mack 3×03: It’s a Dilemna
Andi Mack 3×04: Hole In the Wall
Andi Mack 3×05: That Synching Feeling
Andi Mack 3×06: Cookie Monster
Andi Mack 3×07: The New Girls
Andi Mack 3×08: I Got Your Number
Andi Mack 3×09: Secret Society
Andi Mack 3×10: The Quacks
Andi Mack 3×11: One in a Minyan
Andi Mack 3×12: The Ex Factor
Andi Mack 3×13: Mount Rushmore or Less
Andi Mack 3×14: Hammer Time
Andi Mack 3×15: Unloading Zone
Andi Mack 3×16: One Girl’s Trash
Andi Mack 3×17: Arts and Inhumanities
Andi Mack 3×18: Something to Talk A-boot
Andi Mack 3×19: A Moving Day
Andi Mack 3×20: We Were Here

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