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From a droopy "cookie monster" to a "Mr. Hot Dog," TLC's America's Worst Tattoos will showcase one of the biggest regrets in life: a meaningless tattoo. The series will feature some of the most awful, hilarious, grammatically-incorrect and just plain WEIRD tattoos the country has ever seen. In each episode, a few lucky participants will be chosen to transform their interesting works of art into tattoo masterpieces. Working with famous artists like NY INK's Megan Massacre, America's Worst Tattoos will highlight the unfortunate tattoo's back story, the process of covering it up and the big reveal. It's a jam-packed, fun hour that tattoo lovers, former party animals and those who simply enjoy laughing at others will not want to miss!

Genre: Family, Lifestyle

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Start Date: Jun/21/2012



America's Worst Tattoos Episode List

Season 1

America’s Worst Tattoos 1×01: Crazy Clown, Bunny & Pony Obsessions
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×02: Mermaids, Moons & Mistakes
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×03: A Squirrel, a Coyote, and an Actor
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×04: Elephants, Skaters, and Bears, Oh My!
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×05: Zombies, Mummies, and Ravens
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×06: Tattooing on Acid
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×07: Wieners and Losers
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×08: Failures, Misunderstandings, and Cheap Shots
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×09: Daggers, Chicken Scratch, and a Stellar Cover-up
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×10: Party Dogs and Evil Cupcakes
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×11: Exes, Anniversaries, and Another Man’s Name
America’s Worst Tattoos 1×12: Black Sheep, Grey Clouds, and the Three-Legged Fairy

Season 2

America’s Worst Tattoos 2×01: He Spelled My Kids’ Names Wrong!
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×02: Tattooed in a Public Bathroom
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×03: I’ll Never Let a Boyfriend Tattoo Me Again
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×04: Paying for a Tattoo with Beer
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×05: It’s Coming Out of My Buttcrack
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×06: 18, Stupid, and the Tattoo Was Free
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×07: Got Ink?
America’s Worst Tattoos 2×08: It’s Coming Out of My Buttcrack

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